Key Management

Mr. Tokinori Terada, Founder and CEO



Tokinori Terada is Chief Executive Officer and Founder at Unify SG PTE LTD & UNIFY PLATFORM AG.

Tokinori is also an engineer and has developed all equipment components such as computers and mechatronics for composite semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

Therefore, he has a wide range of knowledge in chemistry, electronic engineering, mechanical engineering, etc.

Tokinori is also the CEO and Founder of Chemiteras* and runs several companies, including one with micromachining technology.

* Chemiteras : Focusing on drug development for Alzheimer’s disease, cancer and rare diseases, development of environmental protection technology, development of new energy, etc.

Mr. Takahisa Karita, Co-Founder and CFO & COO



2004 – 2006:
Hokkaido University Graduate School of Engineering, Part-time teacher (Japan)
2007 – 2014:
Chinese Medicine Medical Research Promotion Foundation (Ministry of Health, Labor
and Welfare related organizations), Director (Japan)
2013 – 2017:
General Association NITOBE International Foundation Preparation Committee, Managing Director (Japan)
2016 – 2017:
West Los Angeles College, GIE (Global Institute for Entrepreneurship) Ambassador (USA)
2012 – 2017:
CRISEN Technology Inc (Shenzhen Stock Market Securities Code: 430218), CFO (China)
2014 – 2016:
Beijing Collaborative Clinical Pharmacology Experiment Technical Service Co., Ltd. (Organizations related to the Ministry of Health of the People’s Republic of China), Advisor (China)
2013 – Present:
CFO of CDTEC Inc. (China)
2017 – Present:
Tsangs Group, Advisor (UK / Hong Kong)
2019 – Present:
Fight Cancer Global, Global Leadership Panel Member
2021 – Present:
General Incorporated Foundation Shared Opportunities Society, Board of Directors (Japan & USA)
2020 – Present:
Chemiteras Inc., Corporate Officer (Japan)

Dr. Torkel Falkenberg, CRO



1987 : BSc in molecular biology
1990 – 95 : PhD training, Dept of Pharmacology and Physiology, Karolinska Institutet (KI)
2010 – : Head The Research Foundation IC – The Integrative Care Science Center
2012 – : Scientific Chair of the Ekhaga Research Foundation
2012 : Board of Directors, The Swedish Physician Society for Integrative Medicine
2012 – : WHO Advisor drafting the WHO Traditional Medicine Strategy 2013-23
2014 – 16 : Head/Deputy Head – Karolinska Institutet Center for Social Sustainability
2016 – : Chair, KI Saco, the Swedish Confederation of Professional Associations
2016 – : Representative at the Board of Karolinska Institutet (Konsistoriet)
2017 – : Member of Saco-S representative council Sweden
2017 – : Co-President, 2017 World Congress on Integrative Medicine and Health, Berlin, May 3-5

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