What is UPT

UPT is a unique crypto asset to solve UNIPLAT's challenges such as uneven distribution of donations among supporter members, issues regarding the relationship between investors and researchers, lack of benefits for investors, etc. With UPT, investors can gain profits by:

  • Investing in researchers and entrepreneurs (start-up companies) on UNIPLAT.
  • Buying and selling the crypto asset (UPT).


  • UPT is the world's first Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) donation token at launch, fostering global collaboration for researchers, entrepreneurs, and SDG-focused companies.
  • UPT helps researchers and entrepreneurs raise more funds than ever before.
  • Investors can support startups and researchers on UNIPLAT, earning returns on successful projects.


UPT supports researchers, entrepreneurs, universities, and companies in their collaborative efforts on the open UNIPLAT platform.


The integration of UPT features aims to revolutionize how researchers and entrepreneurs collaborate, raise funds, and advance their projects globally through the UNIPLAT platform.


UPT's listing strategy prioritizes the Philippines, followed by Indonesia and Singapore. The Philippines has been a key focus for UNIPLAT, with a longstanding promotion and a substantial user base in crypto assets, showcasing a strong affinity with the country. Additionally, we plan to list on BYBIT in Singapore, a globally recognized platform that ranks among the top five companies worldwide.


  • More than 20 million users
  • First virtual currency-based company in Asia licensed by the Central Bank for virtual currency and e-money
  • Can pair with local currencies and act as a payment agent
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